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04 February 2017 @ 10:18 pm

Title: all these things
Fandom: BBC's Merlin
Song: All These Things That I've Done Artist: The Killers
Category: tribute
Characters/Pairings: ensemble
Summary: "The story that we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men..."
Length: 4:13
File Size: 157 MB
A/N: Thank you to Cinthia (cylune9) for being an incredibly dedicated and helpful beta!
A/N: So I watched this little BBC show with poor special effects and corny humor randomly this past summer and it definitely took me by surprise when, at some point, I fell for it ... hard. (Damn wonderful characters.) Hence, a tribute video to this long gone (but not forgotten) series. Hope it's still enjoyed by whomever is watching. :) --- This is also the longest vid I've ever made, so you know this series was good, if I went through all that...


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03 July 2016 @ 12:01 pm

+ Due to the acknowledgement that I've been making more and more of my entries f-locked, I realized that this is probably because I don't want the outside world to know about my personal life. To counter the belief that I don't update my LJ, I decided to make it known to the world that I do indeed use my LJ, but it may not be visible to all.

+ If  you would like to be added as a friend, just comment on this entry with the reason why you would like to be added. I may write up a little bio for myself in my profile, but until then, you're going to have to guess who I am and my interests by my open-to-all entries. DO NOT FEEL INTIMIDATED IN ASKING TO BE ADDED ON AS A FRIEND; we'd really have to have nothing in common for me to reject you. :D

+ Any occasional vids, fics, and art I may create and complete will remain open for all to see. 

+ I have deleted a few people from my flist because A) their journals are dead or B) I feel like we don't have any shared interests anymore and we just don't communicate. Feel free to delete me from your own flist; I will not be offended or take it personally. If you feel like I've made a mistake in deleting you from my flist, please speak up here and I will re-evaluate the situation. ;)

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12 February 2016 @ 01:44 pm
Festivids 2015-2016 Submission

Title: Primadonna Daisy
Fandom: Dead Like Me
Song: Primadonna Artist: Marina and the Diamonds
Category: character study
Characters/Pairings: Daisy Adair, slight Daisy/Mason
Summary: "all I ever wanted was the world" / Daisy Adair's a primadonna girl, but one of the most complex you've seen.
Length: 2:40
File Size: 119 MB
A/N: Thank you to Lizzie (starrylizard) for betaing!
A/N: Thanks to festivids 2015 for pushing to do this video that I'd wanted to do for ages. Perfect Daisy Adair song, imo! ♥

*Feedback (both positive and constructive) is greatly appreciated by all!
28 October 2015 @ 10:26 pm
I don't know who wrote or directed tonight's episode of SPN, but ... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. That was so beautiful. It was everything about Sam and Dean and the entire show that I had thought - feared - I'd never see again. Seriously, I was just smiling so much during the whole thing.

I needed that. Thank you, SPN.
26 October 2015 @ 03:30 pm

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02 October 2015 @ 09:51 pm
So what happens when you're shit at your career,  you're shit at your personal life, and you're shit at your social life? And you have no motivation to do anything because you have already given 110% with little-no results and feel like a goddamn failure. What do you do next?
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21 September 2015 @ 10:02 pm
Title: coeur élastique
Rating: PG-13 (for mild swearing, some in French)
Disclaimer: The shows or characters ain’t mine, ok?
Characters: Isaac, Chris
father-son relationship, general
Word Count: 2,836
Summary: Post-"The Divine Move," Isaac finds that he can start anew in France alongside Chris. // The woman's smirk wanes for a moment. A sweeter smile takes its place when she softly says, "I see. Boy not laugh for long time. So okay. He will again soon. Promise."

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My first Teen Wolf fic after binging the series over the summer. Comments would be greaty appreciated!
03 September 2015 @ 12:05 am

Title: Spell on You…
Fandom: The Originals
Song: Strange and Beautiful Artist: Aqualung
Category: romance
Characters/Pairings: Kol Mikaelson/Davina Claire
Summary: "You're gonna like me, Davina Claire. And I'm gonna let you pretend awhile, that you don't already." -2x07 // The story of two untrusting witches falling for each other.
Length: 1:57
File Size: 75 MB (lrg) / 63 (sm)
A/N: I wanted to experiment with coloring and style. I also wanted to look at Kolvina. This was the result.
*** Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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17 August 2015 @ 04:12 pm

Title: I Need...
Fandom: The Originals / The Vampire Diaries
Song: My Skin Artist: Natalie Merchant
Category: character study; angst
Characters/Pairings: Kol Mikaelson, Klaus, Rebekah, Davina
Summary: Over his long lifetime, Kol's wanted many things, but he's only ever needed a few.
Length: 1:57
File Size: 87 MB (lrg) / 70 (sm)
A/N: Thank you to The Originals writers and both Nate Buzolic and Daniel Sharman to make me care enough about the character so I could vid him. I've been going through a rough time personally and this hobby was helpful.

*Feedback (both positive and constructive) is greatly appreciated by all!

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14 February 2015 @ 10:00 am
The Fall Image

Title: To Build a Home
Fandom: The Fall
Song: To Build a Home Artist: The Cinematic Orchestra
Category: general; character studies
Characters/Pairings: Alexandria, Roy
Summary: "It's my story!" // "Mine too." → They both needed a home. The imaginary one they created together from heartbreak and loss seemed as good as any.
Length: 3:20
File Size: 137 MB
A/N: Thank you to Lizzie (starrylizard) and Lena (lilly_the_kid) for betaing!
A/N: Thanks to festivids 2104 for pushing me back into vidding.

*Feedback (both positive and constructive) is greatly appreciated by all!
09 January 2015 @ 09:25 pm


I need a vid beta for my festivids submission. The vid is all ready and I'm looking for a technical beta more than anything else.
(However, if you know the fandom, I'd more than happy accept constructive crit on scene selections too.)

Any volunteers. I'd really appreciate it! (The vid is about 3 minutes long, fyi.)

Thanks in advance.

14 October 2014 @ 08:21 pm
Oh man. I'm having a really rough time. I cried this morning at work in front my coworkers because I was thinking about what happened yesterday with my boyfriend. (Luckily I pulled myself together before the kids arrived.)

Then all day I was mulling over clues about why he's going to break up with me (he's avoiding talking about spending coming holidays with me, not initiating the "I love you"s anymore (he always did), he hasn't texted me tonight, even after I texted him, asking about his day, and then asking if everything's all right.) He texted me a little this morning, which is a good sign, I guess, but being me, I can't see the optimitism.

It's all so little and minute, but my anxiety can't stop making me think it. I randomly started crying on the train ride home. I think about the times he used to meet me at work. In my mind, I've already lost him. I don't know why it pains me so much to think about. Fucking hell, I love him and he honestly became my best friend and it fucking hurts to think about him not around anymore. I'm in tears NOW, damn it.

I can't concentrate on anything. I have unsettling dreams at night. I feel like I'm on a teen drama and it'd be laughable if the feeling wasn't so real.

I scheduled an appointment with a random psychologist tomorrow night. I hope they can help. I really feel so helpless. I don't know what to do. I just want to feel okay. I know that is what he wants for me too, but this uncertainty is making things unbearable.

It doesn't help that parents are coming in to observe the class Thursday morning.

Can someone please give me some advice on how not to have a total breakdown every day? Please...

ETA: He just texted and said his phone was dead since 5 pm. I spent a good 2.5 hours stressing over this. I need help. I need a lot of help. I can't go on feeling like this...
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23 February 2014 @ 08:53 pm
We might fall image

Title: We Might Fall
Fandom: Captain America: The First Avengers + The Avengers
Song: We Might Fall Artist: Ryan Star
Category: character study (aka: a FEELS video)
Characters/Pairings: Steve Rogers (with Peggy, Bucky, Dr. Erskine, and Coulson)
Summary: Everyone falls; getting back up - that's the stuff of heroes. Steve Rogers: broken pieces, stripped of everything he's known, but resilient above all.
Length: 2:40
File Size: 121 MB
A/N: Thank you to Kirsty (callme_k) for betaing!

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*Feedback (both positive and constructive) is greatly appreciated by all!
20 February 2014 @ 05:12 pm

Any of my flisters interested in being a beta for a vid I've just finished the first draft of?

Fandom: Captain America + The Avengers
Genre: Steve Rogers Character Study
Length: 2:40

I'd appreciate a look. Let me know if you have any additional questions for me.

Thanks in advance!

19 October 2013 @ 12:26 pm
Another year is here and I'm excited for this year's festivids!

Here is my wishlist of sorts.

1. Coupling (UK) - So I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE this show when I was younger. My friend first introduced to me and we were in hysterics. Then I got my brothers hooked. It brings me happy thoughts. I'd love a vid highlighting some of the silliness and craziness of the show. Seasons (Series, rather) 1 to 3 are my favorite because of Jeff's inclusion and Oliver's exclusion, but I wouldn't mind a few select scenes from S4 if necessary. I also think the song Dropped by Phantom Planet makes for a great silly song!

2. Dead Like Me - I can never, ever get enough vids for this show. Mason is my favorite character, but I also adore absolutely everyone else (and I really do mean that.) Any character studies would be awesome! But so would an ensemble. Basically anything but a shipper George/Mason vid (sorry, I liked Mason/Daisy.)

3. The Fall - this is an astounding movie that will give me FEELS FOREVER. I just love the relationship between Roy and Alexandria and the scenery and cinematography is just gorgeous. I'll love anything with this.

4. The Hollow Crown - I'll admit. I only started watching this for Tom Hiddleston, but I found myself enjoying the story and relationships behind that. I haven't yet watching Henry V (though I definitely will before vids go live). I'd love a vid focusing on Prince Hal and his evolution, but a general overview of the series would be good too.

5. Sleepy Hollow (TV; 2013) - Okay, THIS IS SUCH AN OBSESSION LATELY. I absolutely love this show and its characters so far. I love Ichabod and Abbie's partnership (and just Ichabod and his sass, in general, okay!), I love the supernatural elements, I love the suspense. The 3-week hiatus will kill me. So I'll take ANYTHING with this show. I want it badly. :)

6. Wonderfalls - I haven't rewatched this in years, but I should, because it was so cute! Bryan Fuller is pretty much a TV god. Like DLM, I loved all these characters and ships. I really enjoyed Jaye though and I think The Bird Song by Florence and the Machine would be a good choice to show the interaction between her and the Muses and how they slowly drove her to comical insanity.

7. Much Ado About Nothing (2012) - I really loved this movie for two reasons: (1) the comedy; (2) the main couple and me pretending that Fred and Wesley got their happy ending.

8. The Princess Bride - Such a cute and endearing movie. Anything will do.

Thank you in advance.

your fellow vidder in arms,
24 July 2013 @ 06:14 pm
TO Image

Fandom: The Originals/The Vampire Diaries
Song: Angel (AtS) theme Artist: Darling Violetta
Category: trailer
Characters/Pairings: Klaus, Marcel, Elijah, Rebekah, Hayley
Summary: What if The Originals ends up having a bit of a familiar opening sequence? Done for LVI's "Credit Swap" July 2013 Contest.
Length: 0:50
File Size: 27 MB
A/N: Thank you to Mary (peetahale over at tumblr) for betaing!


*Feedback (both positive and constructive) is greatly appreciated by all!
TVD To Remember Graphic

Title: To Remember
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Song: Comptine d'un autre été (from Amélie OST) Artist: Yann Tiersen
Category: romance, character study
Characters/Pairings: Elijah, Katherine; Katherine/Elijah (Kalijah)
Summary: "I don't even remember who I was when we first met and ... I want to find out."
Katherine and Elijah, after centuries apart and at odds, try to find themselves in each other. Spoilers for 4x18.
Length: 2:10
File Size: 90 MB & 73 MB
A/N: Thank you to Julia (eloramoon over at LVI) for betaing!
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*Feedback (both positive and constructive) is greatly appreciated by all!
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Title: I Don't Know What I'm to Say. (I'll Say it Anyway.)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The shows or characters ain’t mine, ok?
Characters: Gus, Shawn
Genre: friendship, humor, general
Word Count: 1,097
Summary: Gus talks to Shawn about his behavior for that day, in typical Gus and Shawn fashion. Coda to 7x01/Santabarbaratown 2.

Shawn scrunched his nose. “Salubrious? Really? Who talks like that?”Collapse )

A/N: First Psych fic. I just got the idea in my head and I’ve been begging my muse to write me something so I had to just go through with it. Hope it’s enjoyed by the readers! Feedback is very much appreciated.
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Amelie image

Title: Beauty in the Breakdown
Fandom: Amélie
Song: Let Go  Artist: Frou Frou
Category: character study, general movie overview
Characters/Pairings: Amélie, Nino, side characters, Amélie/Nino
Summary: For all the good she brings to others, when it comes to her own happiness, Amelie can't seem to just let go and take a chance. But that's all right, 'cause there's beauty in the breakdown.
Length: 2:59
File Size: 132 MB
A/N i: This is my 2012 (2nd year participating) festivids submission. To purplefringe: I hope you are happy with this result. Enjoy!
A/N ii: A very special thank you to the two following flisters: starrylizard, for helping me think through appropriate song selections and to crickets, for being a wonderful and insightful beta! Couldn't have done this without you two ladies!

*Feedback (both positive and constructive) is greatly appreciated by all!

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24 December 2012 @ 02:06 pm
Just wanted to wish everyone who celebrates a very Merry Christmas!!! I hope you have a great time spending it with your loved ones.

(And those who don't, I hope you HAD - totally missed the Hanukkah mark this year! - a wonderful Hanukkah.)

And to put you in the mood, if you're not already:
(Still makes me tear up, NGL.)

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► And if you want to hear a semi-Christmas song with Thor/Loki, you can take advantage of this self-pimpage (I'm being very obvious, aren't I?) and check it out here. It ain't particularly happy though. (But I still like it. :D) ◄

Anyway, I wish you all my best! Warm hugs! ♥
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